TOUGH TIMES NEVER LAST is a interview show that features guests from all walks of life that have battled all sorts of adversity throughout their lives. Through their stories of personal struggles, professional failures, criminal mistakes Tough Times Never Lasts aims  to inspire and help viewers improve and control their lives through our guests incredible stories.

After eight seasons on air in 2010 the name of the show changed from A Life In Crime to Tough Times Never Lastto reflect to changing nature of our guests – our couch was opened to not only those involved in crime, but to anyone that had faced some sort of struggle in their life. As we enter our 14th season on air we are very close to having our 200th guest on the couch – that’s a lot of inspirational and life changing stories we’ve heard over the years.

The show is  hosted by Michael Kuzilny, (‘Best Male Host’ Winner, Antenna Awards), and social commentator Aleta Howe.

Tough Times Never Last has featured guests such as Father Bob, Nick ‘the Greek’ Aposolidas, social worker Les Twentyman, and a extensive range of police officers, detectives, as well as an array of people just like you who perhaps were unlucky or made a mistake, paid the price and found a way to get through those ‘tough times’ and carry on.

Tough Times Never Last is a RMITV production, and is filmed at the RMIT TV studios in Melbourne, Australia.


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