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Aleta has a proven track-record in getting to the root of any problem in high-speed timing. Aleta offers her experience, advice, life coaching, relationship coaching and executive business coaching expertise on a diverse range of topics.

What Aleta says: “As one of the leading life coaches in the country, I hold a very strong work ethic. Anyone can qualify and become a coach, but I believe that to have an exceptional life, you need an exceptional coach. This is a person who will go that extra mile. Who will see your potential, and push you towards it, just until you can see it for yourself. I work on the basis, that in order to build a strong foundation for who you really want to be and how you want your life to turn out, it’s important that the old foundation is destroyed.

It would be unwise to build a new house on an old foundation. I take you through a uniquely designed 3 stage process to make sure that youNEVER go back to your old ways of living to ensure that you ALWAYS reach your potential and get EVERYTHING in life you want and deserve. I combine many techniques ranging from straightforward performance coaching, to the most effective psychological and energetic methods (both old and new), together with my own unique methods.I adapt your program according to your unique style of learning and personality taking into consideration what you want to achieve and what you need to let go of in order to do that.

No two sessions are ever the same. They are each unique. Just like you. I work across a number of platforms. Whether it is help with business, personal, spiritual or emotional matters, my technique and skill is equally as effective. My intention for all my clients is to achieve positive and permanent results and to create lasting change on a fundamental level. I run seminars, workshops, group coaching, and also one-one life coaching sessions.